How To Do Slow Mo Capcut | Step-By-Step Guide 2024

We have discussed a step-by-step guide about how to do slow mo capcut with two different methods. These methods include How to make a smooth slow mo and How to create a flashy slow mo.

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How to do slow mo in capcut

Slow motion is a video editing technique generally known as “Slow Mo” that slows down the motion and speed of videos and increases the duration of the video. It was used in Megamovies like Matrix, but now we commonly see slow-mo video on sports and entertainment videos. The purpose of slow motion video is to stir the emotions and excitement among viewers of the climax scene. This suspense would prompt the user to pay close attention to the entire video than they could if the video played at regular speed. More From Wikipedia

There are multiple ways to do capcut slow-mo, but in this article, we’ll learn how to do slow mo capcut with the flashy and smooth methods.

What Is Capcut and How To Do Slow Mo Capcut?

Capcut apk is the mobile app developed by Bytedance for android and IOS to adjunct the basic video editing features of one of the most popular apps, Tiktok.

Essential features that capcut compiles are:

  • Text and Stickers to overlaid your videos
  • High-Quality filters do not appeal to the audience but stick to the tape.
  • Free music gallery & sound effects for soothing user hearing 
  • Reversing, forwarding, splitting videos, controlling speed, and many more

Now, without further delay, let’s come to the main point.

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Part1- How To Make A Smooth Slow Motion In Capcut

Multiple apps in the market provide slow-motion features, but what differentiates capcut is that you can use all premium features without cost. Capcut always provides users with what they need before they know what they need.

Here is the complete guide on how to do slow motion capcut 

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cara slowmo di capcut

Step1- Create a Project

Open the capcut and start a “New project” appearing in the middle of the screen. It’ll take you to the mobile galley where you have to choose video as Slow-mo.

cara slowmo di capcut
cara slowmo di capcut

Step2- Mute and Then Cut The Video

Making slow-motion video also slows down the background music; thus, you can either simply mute or remove it. Click on the “Mute clip audio” option to mute background audio in the editing panel on the left side.

how to do slow motion in capcut

To slow mo a specific portion of video, click on Split Tab Menu.

cara slowmo di capcut

To make ending slow motion effect, cut another section of video.

Step3- Click the Speed menu 

Click on the cut portion of the videotape and spout Speed Menu.

how to do slow mo in capcut

Capcut provides two ways to do slow mo, Curve and Normal. Go with the Curve if you are a pro and already using Capcut, while beginners should go for Normal for ease.

how to do slow motion capcut

Make speed adjustments from 0.1x to 1x by moving the speed point to the left to slow down the video as per your requirement.

Slow motion on capcut

Step4- Create Slow-Mo

Click on the Tick mark appearing at the bottom to apply the slow-mo effect.

Remember to make the slow-motion video more interesting to grab viewers’ attention. Use Stylish Capcut Fonts and other transitions to make it more eye catchy.

Finally, save it in the gallery for further social sharing and surprise the audience.

Part 2- How To Create A Flashy Slow Motion On Capcut

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The thing tha makes Capcut a benchmark video editing for users and Competitors is that it contains all the premium features that most apps don’t have. In this particular session, we’ll see How To Do Flashy Slow Mo on Capcut using in-built transition features.

Mainly, we’ll use an inbuilt white flash, a video transition effect that gives a white flashlight if we move two videos in the same frame.

Some time ago, this Flashy effect made a trend among TikTok users. However, this effect is primarily designed for editing velocity or slow-mo videos. Being aware of How To Do Slow Mo On Capcut lets you use white flash transition.

Let’s discuss its steps to follow further without further delay.

Step1- Start a New Project

The first step is creating a “New Project” emerging in the middle of the capcut apk.

Now choose two either two images or two videos, as shown below.

capcut slow motion


Make sure you know how to remove Capcut watermark at this point.

Step2- Open Transition Menu

Now, select the transition menu that looks like a white button where two videos meet each other.

Slow mo on capcut

You’ll find multiple transitions; select Fundamental shifts and search white flash to choose.

Slow mo effect

Now adjust the duration of the flash effect to the last. You can use the Apply All menu to apply this effect to a specific video part.

Slow motion effect


Slow-mo trending is increasing with every day passing. If you are a content creator, you must know how to do slow mo capcut or at least give it a try. We have explained in an easy method that even a newbie can follow these steps to do slow-mo.


Step1- Add video, edit, and click on the speed menu.

Step2- Select Curve and click on the custom tab.

To modify the speed, click on Edit.

Here, you’ll find five beats for adjustments. Increase or decrease their points to change the speed. The upper threshold on the graph increase speed and vice versa.

Step3- Click on the tick mark to apply the speed effect and save changes

Thousands of apps provide the same features, but what makes capcut unique is its limitless features like speed adjustment. You can forward, reverse, and make a slow-mo video, as I told you in the previews guide.

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