How to Remove Capcut Watermark in Template or Ending 2024

We Have discussed in Detail How To Remove Capcut Watermark From Video endings and Capcut Templates During Video Editing. Make Sure to Follow Each Step Carefully

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Capcut is the default video editing app for Tiktok videos to share among social media platforms. It is not only convenient while using Tiktok but also has splendid features while editing your videos. In recent times, like most video editors, capcut has introduced a watermark at the end of the video. Where the majority of Capcut’s users showed detachment, on the other hand, some users appreciate their efforts.

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From users’ perspective, a watermark is considered the most annoying thing while editing videos. It does not only destroy users’ joy but also makes their video too distracting. There are two significant kinds of watermarks. The ending watermark comes at the end of the video, while the template watermark comes at the top right corner while using the template.

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how to remove tiktok watermark in capcut

A good thing differentiating Capcut from other video editors is its user experience, as capcut allows you to remove watermark without using watermark remover. In contrast, this is not possible without upgrading your app to the premium version. In this tutorial, we’ll explain step-by-step how to get rid of the capcut watermark.

How to Remove Capcut Watermark in Video Ending

As told earlier, there are two basic kinds of watermarks which we’ll discuss in this guide are

1-Ending Watermark

2-Template Watermark

So let’s discuss ending the watermark and move to the next one.

Before moving to the first step, make sure you have a Capcut installed on your phone.

Download: Android, PC, IOS

Step1- Open Capcut Project

After downloading capcut, go to your home screen, open capcut & tap on “New Project ” to select the required video. You can also remove the watermark of your already loaded projects in capcut.

how to remove tiktok watermark on capcut

Step2- Move The Clip To The Right

Slide the Video timeline to the right until you see the Capcut logo at the end of the Video. Capcut automatically inserts its logo when you import it into capcut.

how to get rid of capcut watermark

Step3- Remove Watermark Ending

Select the part of the video in the timeline from where the Capcut watermark starts and ends. A delete menu popup will appear & now hit the delete button at the bottom to delete the capcut watermark permanently.

how much is capcut

Step4- Export Your Video

In the final step, press the save button at the top right corner. For the last time, it’ll ask you to choose the Resolution and Frame rate to get the best video quality. You’ll get the video without a watermark.

does capcut cost money

How to Remove Watermark In Capcut Template

Capcut watermark appears not only during video ending but also when you use templates to edit videos. It usually appears at the upper right top corner and can be removed by the following procedure.

Step1-Load Existing Template

To get rid of the capcut watermark in the template, open the capcut app, and instead of creating a New Project, tap the “Template” menu at the bottom of the menus. It’ll load the existing templates already provided by Capcut. Choose the template wisely because it may affect your output results.

How Do You Remove a Watermark from CapCut?

Step2- Make Changes In Template

After choosing wisely among templates, hit the “Use This Template” button to make further changes in it. You can add media files, including audio, videos, images, graphics, video effects, and more available in capcut.

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does capcut have a watermark

Step3- Export the Template Without Watermark

Make changes in the Template until it gives you satisfactory results. After that, hit the export button in the upper right corner. to export your template. Lastly, it’ll ask you to choose between “Export without Watermark” and Simply “Export” and hit Export without a watermark to remove the watermark from the template.

do you have to pay for capcut

Does Capcut Have A Watermark?

Yes, Capcut is a leading video editing software that has a watermark at the end of the video or while using templates to edit videos. But nothing to worry about, you can download capcut without watermark from our website for free.

Does Capcut Cost Money?

Capcut is an emerging video editor software available at both Playstore and Apple stores. Downloading and installation process of capcut won’t charge you anything.

How Do You Remove a Watermark from CapCut?

You can use the crop option to cut off the watermark section from the video or remove it from Templates while editing videos.

Do I Need to Pay to Remove The CapCut Watermark?

Although capcut includes a watermark at the end of the video, you don’t need to pay a single penny. You can remove it by trimming the watermark section or video editing templates.

How Do You Add an Ending in CapCut?

Go to the ending section of the video through the timeline bar and press the Import video button to add another video. Make sure to cut off the capcut watermark section at the end and add some transition to give it a natural look.


Your vagueness about How to remove capcut watermark must have been cleared as we have explained in detail how to remove the watermark from the video ending and in the Templates. Now edit the videos you want and share them on social media platforms.


Capcut is free video software that costs nothing to users except to download it from our website.

You can trim the last section of the video from where the capcut watermark starts or remove it from Templates while editing videos.

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