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(Including Sindhi & Pashto Fonts)

Fonts are a vital part of every content presentation, either digital or printable because they help users to understand the message of content in a meaningful form. Capcut Fonts add uniqueness for users to understand valuable information from your Project. The right choice of font size, colour, and height play a vital role in engaging users in content.

Some capcut text fonts have a simple but easy-to-read look while some fonts have a traditional but styling look to the Capcut text download like Arial gives a simple, modern look while on the other hand Palatino.

Let’s discuss capcut text fonts in detail.

Part 1: Most Popular Fonts on CapCut

Although there are multiple lists of fonts on capcut for Capcut Mod APK that you can use to create it more user-friendly & more engaging.

1. Typer

Typer is used for specific projects that limit its uses to a minimum.

how to import fonts into capcut
best capcut fonts

2. Modern

It seems tasteless, yet people use it and like it somehow

font files for capcut

3. Asmatic SC

Asmatic SC generally feels pleasing or attractive but is an overrated font, in our opinion.

capcut text fonts

4. Post-Modern

Usually, people use post-modern fonts for introduction purposes, but at the same time, it looks bizarre when you have an apostrophe.

fonts for capcut download

5. Nunito

While using capcut text fonts for videos, Nunito is considered good, but it is not up to that mark when it comes to intro or other things.

lemon milk font capcut

6. Bahiana

Most of the Capcut projects are made with Bahiana fonts; that’s why it is likely among users.

how to delete fonts on capcut

7. Barlow

Barlow is barely round, has low contrast, and Grotesk-type family in matching, which Jeremy Tribby designed.

capcut text fonts

8. Signeton

Signeton is a beautiful font primarily used in a signature, typography, stationary, designing logos, magazines, books, or blog covers, but it is often difficult for users to read.

fonts for capcut download

9. Letter

Letter font is good to go with when you have to do typography

how to delete fonts on capcut

10. Vogue

The Vogue font is designed with inspiration from the popular magazine Vogue. It includes serif, fancy, elegant, and fashion for creating headlines, magazines, logos, etc.

how to download fonts to capcut

Part 2: How to Add/Import Fonts to CapCut?

Read carefully about how to add aesthetic fonts for capcut.

Step 1– Go to your Google Play Store or the App store. Find the photo and Typography app in the Google Play Store in the search bar.

Step 2– Open your Chrome Browser or Safari

Go to DaFont and download font capcut your favorite fonts from there. After downloading, go to file manager and find your recently downloaded fonts—long-press the zip file & press the share button.

lemon milk font capcut

Step 3-. Open the Phonto-Text on Photo App

Push the installation switch as you open the app. Open the camera and choose the images you want to edit. Select the color of your choice as shown below.

how to import fonts to capcut
fonts capcut

Click on your screen and Add Text menu will appear, type your text there, and choose your downloaded fonts from Font Tab.

font files for capcut
font for capcut

To make it more styling & appealing, apply some style to your text, as shown below.

capcut text fonts

Step 4– Go to Google and search for any online background remover. Add your photos and wait until processing takes place. Press the download button to get your shots without Background.

Step 5– Open the capcut application.

Scroll the menu to the left, appearing at the bottom, until you see “Add overlay.” Add the image you just downloaded as an overlay.

download fonts for capcut

Press Ok to save change & that is how you add aesthetic & lemon milk font capcut.

Part 3: How to Change Font Size in CapCut?

Font size plays a crucial role in keeping users interested in the content, saving them from Bizarre while, on the other hand, it also protects the author from losing readers. Now you have added the text, you can change the font size per your requirement to give a better look to your content.

fonts for capcut download

Custom font edit lets you change the font’s color and size, as shown above in the picture. Adding transitions can put life into your text & stick users without losing interest.

how to upload fonts to capcut

Adjust your font side by side to modify it by moving the text box. Capcut has made the font adjustment straightforward, but it does not allow manual modification in font size with numbers.

font files for capcut

Part 4: 3 Best Sites to Download Aesthetic Fonts

Following are the top research website for downloading font files for capcut.

1. FontGet

On the top of the list is FontGet, a fully packed categorized font including Basic, Party, Old School, Modern, Fancy, Style, Dingbats, Famous, and many fonts for capcut. Choose the desired category and download the required font. Use the methods mentioned above to use the fonts for capcut download.

2. Font Meme

Font Meme is another website for font files for capcut with a preview of all fonts. Capcut Fonts are categorized into 3D, Cartoon, Period, and Theme. Make your text cartoon alike by selecting cartoon font.

3. FontM

FontM, with the minimal listing of fonts, provides fonts for free with various fonts from all over the world that are worth considering.


 Just like Capcut is the most trending app, Capcut Fonts Download are also very recognized among users. So far, we have explained in detail how to import fonts to capcut, change font size, and what are the best sites to download aesthetic fonts.


  • Go to setting
  • Find App menu
  • Select Capcut
  • Press Clear Data
  • Press OK

The complete process of importing font into capcut is explained step by step in the above section. Please go and check this step-by-step guide.

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