Capcut 3D Zoom/Effect Latest Edition January 2024

Tiktok users mostly know what trend is being followed in the world now. Tiktok allows users to create some creative content using images and short videos with the help of filters and effects.One of the trends are transisi foto capcut and Anime Face Capcut Template consists of applying filters on images and making them a video in a beautiful 3d effect.

Often Tiktok allows you to add filters and effects using an additional app like Capcut. You can make trendy videos on TikTok that can go viral overnight with the help of Capcut. Here is some useful guidance on how a 3d zoom capcut effect can be used.

Capcut IOS

What is capcut 3d trend?

A few times ago, editing software went viral among users, allowing them to create brilliance, shadow, and saturation to particular images and make their big hit to their viewers. Similarly, a new apk named Capcut with a 3d zoom effect came into existence, blowing away its user with its 3d effects. It allows users to select multiple images at once and make them a three-dimensional look. Capcut 3d zoom effect captures the zoom on images or background elements to make them look real.

With its Widespread use in users for its popularity, an ambiguity among users’ minds was whether this was an iPhone effect or a built-in TikTok effect, but the reality was different. It’s a capcut feature that allows you to upload as many photos in the editing timeline Click on style and apply 3D Zoom effects.

Capcut is a Product of Tiktok developed and owned by ByteDance.Capcut is available across all Android, iPhone, and Windows Operating systems platforms. It is equally thrilling for developers, experts, and newbies as it provides basic and advanced functions.

What do we need?

Not all the pro features are available for some expensive smartphones. Having a smartphone that has a good camera that captures nature and a capcut installed on your phone
Here is what you need

  • A Phone with a camera
  • Capcut installed on your phone.

Get the capcut mod apk, in case you don’t have one

Currently, capcut is available in very limited countries like the UK, US, and some parts of Europe.
But if you don’t belong to the countries mentioned above, you even do the necessary steps to help you

Here are the following steps

  1. Go to settings
  2. Locate the search bar and find Region
  3. Select your Region
  4. Save Settings

Detailed guide on capcut 3d zoom effect

Before we just get started,I assume that you have downloaded the Required Capcut apk from our website.Then let’s come to the installation of 3D capcut effect without further delay.

Install Capcut and Click on New Project

Once you have downloaded Capcut, go to the home screen of your mobile and open capcut by pressing it. After opening the capcut, you’ll find the “New Project” in the middle of the home screen of the capcut. Click on it to do a new project for yourself

3d capcut tutorial

Choose Best Among Photos

After clicking on a new project, choose wisely among photos as this Capcut 3D Zoom Photo(Picture) filter applies to pictures only. So select the best high-quality photos relevant to your single project
Suppose you have to choose your favourite football player and then select only those relevant to football.

3d zoom effect without capcut

Capcut allows you to simultaneously select up to 11 photos to make your 3d photo effect capcut video more Stunning. But if you want to make your own choice, there are no restrictions. Make the sequence of images as per your selection. If you select photos from 1 to 11, the images selected first will appear first in the video.
So select the photos wisely to make your 3d capcut more effective.

3d effect capcut

Right after choosing among photos, click the “Add” button in the bottom right corner, as shown in the picture.

3d in capcut

After this, selected images will add to Capcut.

3d filter capcut

Add capcut 3d filter effect

All the selected pictures will appear in the timeline project; select any picture to highlight.

3d zoom capcut

Now, Search for the “Style” option by swiping the capcut toolbar to your left side.

3d trend capcut

Click the “Style” Option as shown in the picture below.

3d filter capcut

You’ll find a Filter named “3D Zoom” in the Style section. Click on it to apply it to a specific picture.

3d zoom effect without capcut

Don’t disappoint if you find only a single 3D Zoom effect; Capcut will sooner or later add more stunning effects.
After applying the Cacpcut 3D Zoom effect, it’ll load to make your pictures 3D look alike

3d trend capcut

Highlighting “3D Zoom” indicates that the “3D Zoom” filter is applied.

3d in capcut

The effect applied only to a single picture. You don’t need to repeat this whole procedure for each picture. All selected pictures are in the Style section, and a 3D Zoom filter is applied. You need to scroll through your timeline to the right side & your photos will automatically select

3d effect capcut

The filter is applied, but if you want to untie your changes, you’ll see the option on the top right corner; it’ll undo all changes. But if you are comfortable with your selection, you can click on the “Tick” Option to finalize your changes.

3d capcut tutorial

Precise the Clips

Until now, only “3D Zoom” Capcut is applied, the rest, you have to add audio as background music. Kapwing is the best app for trending audio use in the Capcut 3d Zoom App. You can go beyond the limits by pressing the clip’s duration as the capcut 3D Zoom effect will last for 3 seconds only.

3d capcut tutorial

The 3D Zoom effect lasts for 3 seconds for a single picture. If you choose to have 11 photos, then the output will be 33 seconds long for Tiktok, which is considered enough for the Tiktok video. Increasing length can make your video more stylish, grabbing your viewer’s attention once and for all.

Make your first four pictures last for 0.5 seconds, then make the rest 0.3 seconds long.
Doing this will make a thrilling impact on viewers

To be in the trend, you have to follow this rule but having a mindset of making your trend is good. You can set video duration in the span from 0.5s to 1s for better visibility.
Selecting any picture in the timeline you see is highlighted with 3 seconds duration

3d effect capcut

Moving your right tab of the timeline to the left will cut down the clip. You can set it between 0.3s and 0.5s to make a great feel. The more you move your tab to the left side, the more precise the 3d effect will be.

Capcut 3D

Clip duration is shown near its tab at the beginning. In this scenario, the first four clips are trim to 0.5 seconds long while the rest are 0.3 seconds.

zoom app

Revise your Zoom by pinching in and out to make better ending and opening tabs. Squeezing in will not increase video length. It just allows you to collar moments to a bit of a second.

3d in capcut

Preserve the 3D Zoom

Time to save the project done till now. You can hold your project for further transmission among individuals by tapping the icon arising on the right top corner.

3d capcut tutorial

After clicking on the Export button, a popup will appear asking you to choose the video quality. You can choose between 480p to 1080p resolution with a 60p frame rate. The highest quality you choose, the more video size will increase and vice versa.
The estimated file size will appear below the frame bar, hinting at the maximum file size.

3d effect capcut

After pressing the export button, your videotape will be kept, and the message seems “Saved to the device and your projects.”From now on, you can transfer your TikTok video to social media platforms.

capcut 3d zoom

At the end of the video, you may locate a capcut logo; if you are ok, you are good to go. Yet, you can use any default video editor to save the part containing a 3D effect, and you can cut the rest.

capcut 3d effect app

Move the bar to the preferred position and click the save button;
the snipped video will automatically be preserved.

3d effect capcut

Now you have applied the Capcut 3D effect and trimmed, your end result would be Awesome.


Capcut is incomplete without Tiktok as they provide users with an exceptional and entertaining platform. I personally used capcut, and it is beyond explanation. You should use Capcut 3D now to make the next viral trend and also share it with friends through MB Whatsapp and other social media platforms.


Add photos in capcut, apply the 3d filter located in the style option and press the 3D zoom effect, and that’s it.

It’s a filter powered by capcut to make your photos look real by applying a 3d effect.

Capcut is a byproduct of ByteDance, a Chinese company that owns Tiktok. Capcut got an overwhelming response from the users because it provides them exceptional features for editing videos and images beyond the limits.

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