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Hey folks, in this post, I’m here to teach you about Instagram Reels Trending Video editing. If you’re into using Instagram Reels or TikTok, you must have seen the viral video with the Video Chill Capcut Template. This video is currently going viral on Instagram Reels. If you create and upload videos, yours could go viral too. To create videos, you’ll need a CapCut MOD APK and a Video Chill Template Link – 2023, which will help you easily create your videos. Everything is detailed in the post beneath, so read it carefully till the end.

video chill capcut template for urban jungle

Viral Name Art CapCut Template

Viral Jungle Name Art CapCut Template

Chill CapCut Template

Viral Jungle Art CapCut Template

Urban Jungle Blur Effect CapCut Template

How To Edit Video

“To perform video editing, you will require a CapCut App application. Install this app on your mobile device and obtain a Video Chill Template from the links provided above. Most short videos are edited using these apps, and you will find the download link for any materials used in video editing.”

How To Use Video Chill Template Link – 2023

  • First, you must download a VPN app and connect to it to edit the video.
  • After that, you will need a Video Chill Template to edit the video.
  • You will find the template link above. The template will open before you whenever you click on the template link.
  • Upon clicking “Use Template,” your phone’s gallery will unlock. Select a video that you wish to edit.
  • After that, click “Export,” which will take some time. Afterward, the video will be edited.
  • After completing the video export, you will be presented with several options, such as adjusting the video’s quality and saving the video with or without a watermark.
  • You need to choose the option to save the video without a watermark, and then the exporting process will start again.
  • Once the exporting is complete, you will see some apps below.
  • Click on “other” or the three dots and select the Capcut video editor app, which will directly launch the video within the Capcut app.
video chill template

How To Use Capcut Video Editor App

  • We must add music to the video using the Capcut video editor app. First, we have shared the video in the Capcut App.
  • We need to mute the music of that video; there will be an option on the side where you can mute the music.
  • Now, an audio option will be on the side to add music to the video.
  • Click on it & go to the music section. Some music options will be displayed, which will be available on your mobile.
  • You will see a plus icon on the side, click on it, and some options will appear.
  • You must click “extract from the video,” and the music will appear first.
  • Click on “Choose” to add the music, and you can add it to the video using this method.
  • Lastly, you must remove the black layer and save the video on your mobile.
YouTube video


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