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The music video “IDFWU” by Big Sean has ignited a fresh wave of creativity on Instagram, giving rise to a captivating trend that combines the art of Spotify and Instagram feed-style editing to produce mesmerizing lyrical videos. We’re thrilled to fulfill a user’s request by sharing an exclusive IDFWU capcut template inspired by the infectious vibes of “IDFWU.”

Furthermore, we have curated a selection of diverse templates featuring a similar design, including an equally captivating template called “Listen To Me Capcut Template.” Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of these capcut templates below, and click “Use Template on CapCut” to embark on an instant creative journey.

IDFWU CapCut Template

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How to Use IDFWU Template?

  • Enhance your video editing skills with the most up-to-date version of the CapCut MOD APK.
  • Explore a wide array of captivating templates showcased above, or dive into the latest trendy templates, carefully curated to match your unique style and preference.
  • Choose the perfect template & click the “Use Template on CapCut” button to redirect to the CapCut Application.
  • Unleash your creativity by seamlessly incorporating your photos and videos into the selected template, allowing your artistic vision to come to life.
  • With just a few simple clicks, transform your raw footage into a captivating masterpiece, ready to be shared with the world.
  • Upon completion, effortlessly export your creation in your preferred format and resolution, ensuring your video shines in its optimal form.
IDFWU Templates
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Attention: If CapCut has been restricted in your country, it is imperative to employ a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for access. Before utilizing any templates, ensuring that your CapCut application has been thoroughly updated and is successfully linked to the VPN connection is highly recommended.


Witness the artistic influence of Big Sean’s “IDFWU” music video, igniting an Instagram trend of incorporating Spotify and Instagram feed-inspired edits to produce captivating lyrical videos. Answering the call of a user’s request, we eagerly present the IDFWU template, accompanied by an array of other designs, including the equally captivating “Money Trees” template.

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